Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Self-binding Super Duper Easy Quilt

I needed a lightning fast, I mean Nascar racing, big wave surfing, bullet bike riding fast, quilt. My next door neighbors just welcomed a beautiful baby boy so I knew he would need a new, warm and snuggly quilt. So I searched my patterns but didn't really find anything that I could get done quickly. I then remembered a tutorial on YouTube done by Jenny Doan. It's called "Self-binding Baby Quilt".

I already tried out this pattern with a wall hanging. It was perfect!!! I found some adorable fabric in my stash, booted up my laptop and pulled up tutorial. Quilting along with the tutorial was great!! Let me share with you my super fast quilt and how I did it.

Ladies and Gentleman!!!!! Introducing, Jenny Doan and her tutorial!!!!

(Click on the title above the picture to play the tutorial)


Self-binding Baby Quilt

Now you can follow Jenny and I and make your own Self-binding quilt.
Here are two of my quilts and how I made mine.
Baby quilt for next door neighbor's brand new baby boy.
Made this Asian fabric self-binding quilt
to add color to guest bedroom.
Let me show you how I made these quilts in 30 minutes or less.
Here is the fabric I chose for the baby blanket. I love the cute little dog, especially his floppy ears and adorable face. The backing fabric is the cute little bears with a variety of colors.

  So after choosing your fabric it's time for cutting. The backing fabric needs to be cut at the larger size. 40" square for the backing fabric. The puppy dog fabric is cut at the 30" square size.
Now comes the fun part! This next step is what makes the quilt but you'll feel it's quite awkward to do. Just hang in there and you'll be amazed!!!!
first find and pin the centers on all four sides of each piece of fabric. Then lay the 30" square fabric, pretty side down, on top of the 40" square. You are going to match up the pins. Remove one pin and use the other to pin both fabrics together at each center point. Ignore how the quilt looks. It's going to look a bit wonky. let me show you!!!
Matching the centers with both layers.

It looks wonky and crazy but don't give up.
it's going to work, I promise!!

More pinning together the 40" and  30" squares
of fabric.
It's not neat or tidy but just wait, you won't believe
what all this craziness becomes.
 Now that the crazy pinning is all done here comes the magic of this self-binding quilt. What you are going to do is sew the two pieces of fabric together. Don't forget your quilting feline and canine to test your fabric and to check on your progress.
Bremley, my Quilting Kitty

Ceasar, my Quilt Tester
As you sew the layers, don't forget to leave an opening to turn the quilt. Your quilt is going to have little rabbit ears on all four corners after you sew all sides closed.
Cute little rabbit ears
Now this next part you may need to stop the tutorial and replay. You are going to be creating mitred corners and Jenny has a magical way to do this. It's all in the placement of the ruler. Let me show you!
It's all in the folding and where to line up the ruler.
Pencil line to mark where you are going to stitch.

Penciled line is for your personal sewing guide.
You are going to stitch right on the line.

You are almost done. You just need to cut a 1/4" from the stitched line to remove the excess fabric. You should have four little triangles left over.
Triangles from the corners. Maybe they can be
used in another project.
Is the quilt done yet? I'm getting sleepy!!

I'm working the pedal as fast as I can!!!

Phew, this quilting stuff is hard work!!! But I love
all that fabric and thread. Ohhh thread, can I play with some?!!! 

Now that the corners are trimmed you can turn your quilt. Flip the quilt right side out and presto change!!!! You have a self-binding quilt. You can get creative with your decorative stitches. Choose a stitch and go around your entire quilt so you can close up the opening that you used to turn your quilt. Magic!!!
 I hope this is something you can use for quick and easy gifts. This is perfect for baby quilts, Christmas gifts, or last minute projects. Which us quilters never are in need of last minute projects.
 Wishing you happy quilting from Me, Cambria, Bremley, the Quilting Kitty, and Ceasar, the Quilt Tester!!!

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