Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kid Friendly Kreation, The "Knotted Quilt"

The No-Sew Knotted Fleece Quilt

This "Knotted" quilt will be one of the simplest quilts you will ever make in your entire quilting life!!! In fact, it's so simple even a child can do it. Well they could!!! I mean, kids have done it!! No really, they've done them all on their own (with a little adult supervision). I have proof! Take a look for yourself.

   My friend Beth's kids working on their own knotted quilts

Working on her quilt at home.
(Picture from Google search)

Kids in a classroom working on their
knotted quilt project. (picture found on Google search)
As you can see anyone can do these quilts. They are soooo fun and easy. I love them because you can either purchase a kit from Joanne's Fabric, Michaels, even Amazon.com has the kits for purchase, or possibly Hobby Lobby. The kit has everything you need, the fabrics are already cut into squares and the sides are all ready fringed. If you happen to have the Accuquilt cutting system they too have a fringed cutting die to create these types of quilts as well. They are a big hit.

Here are some pics of the what the kits look like. These could make some great gifts, just purchase the gifts, wrap and give to your grandchildren, nieces and nephews, your best friend's kids, secret santa gift or perfect for a white elephant gift exchange. Just to give you a few ideas.
It looks like there are several kinds of kits. Some with just plain solid squares and some with added shapes and designs. Plenty of fun and creative choices.
Everyone creates their knotted quilt differently. The kits have individual squares, some cut 6" squares in all 4 corners, some do 4", some have done rectangles instead of squares out of each corner. Either way you decide, it's right. I have links below to several different ways to create these knotted quilts. It's up to you and your creativity which one you choose. Or take a little bit from each and come up with your own design and instructions.

Printable Instructions



I did not learn from a kit I, myself, got onto YouTube and found several how to videos that I liked and learned from them. So below are a few of the videos that I viewed and thought were the best ones. Of course, you can search YouTube yourself and find one that you like. This will just get you started.

YouTube Video Tutorials

1.  Alex Toys Kit video

2.  Homestead Acres Video

3.  Thatsummer Video

I did not make a knotted quilt for myself. What I did was I watched some of the above videos on how to do it, then went over to my friend Beth's house to teach her boys how to make their own. I chose their fabrics and they did the work. Both Beth and I assisted the boys when needed. There is no need for a sewing machine therefore, it was safe for her youngest son, 5 years old at the time, to make his own. As long as the kids can use scissors they are good as gold!!!

Dinosaurs and Camoflauge!!!!

Dream quilts for boys!!!

Another great thing about these quilts was the project was counted toward a cub scout badge. So he completed a requirement and got his very own quilt out of it. These are so quick and easy. There are so many different colors, patterns, and designs for fleece that you can create some amazing quilts.

Another day of fast and easy quilt patterns. From the "Quilting Kitty"... Enjoy!!!!