Saturday, December 29, 2012

Come Quilt with Me and my Quilting Kitty, Bremley

Have you ever wanted to try something new or discover a hidden talent? How about trying out quilting? Do you have a sewing machine that has been collecting dust? Well it's time to bring out that sewing machine, pick some fabrics and try some quick and easy quilt patterns.

I love to find patterns and ideas that won't take me years to complete or that I'm too scared to try. I'd love to share those with you and you can try them and share them with someone else. Is that like one of those chain mail things? Not at all but who doesn't like to swap quilt ideas. Or who wouldn't like to get a dear friend hooked on quilting?

So gather your friends or take a couple of hours for yourself and come join Me, and my Quilting Kitty, Bremley on our journey of Quilting!!!!!

I will post patterns, quilt blocks, tricks of the trade, and videos tutorials that I have found and tried out myself. I will also post my own quilts that I have made over the years and who knows, you might want to try them yourself. Of course all the things I post will follow the copyright laws and I will always give credit to those who I begged and borrowed from. I have created my own patterns a time or two and will share those as well.

Please feel free to post your own quick and easy quilts, ideas, and tricks of the trade that you have learned. It's all about quick and easy quilts and spreading the love of quilting.

I look forward to QUILTING with you!!!

Fellow Beginner Quilter,

Cambria Thompson and my trusty Quilting Kitty, Bremley