I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and then our family moved to the White Mountains Area of Arizona to the small town of Eager/Springerville Arizona. Our town is known for the athletic dome built for the Round Valley High School students and the community. The only dome in the nation just for high school sports.
 Growing up in the mountains was a wonderful experience. My parents taught us a love of the outdoors by taking us camping just about every weekend in the summer, water skiing at Lyman Lake, Snow Skiing at Sunrise Ski Resort (Only 15min from our house). And yes, Arizona has snow with two ski resorts. We also did a lot of fishing, picnics, and road trips up into the mountains when the leaves started to change.
Fishing at Big Lake
Aspen trees changing at the start of the fall season.
South Fork, our favorite spot to camp, fish and just paddle our feet in the stream
My parents always encouraged us to get out and be active. They supported us kids in our sports, music, and church activities. They also instilled in us to get out and try new things. So mum and dad have a love for music, therefore, I learned to play the piano and also the violin.
Christmas carols at friends' house

Getting ready to play Christmas carols for friends' and family to sing
Dad has played golf most of his life and he wanted to share his passion for the game with us kids. He signed three of us for golf lessons. I actually won a trophy in the mini tournament they had. My brother and I kept up our golfing. Today I have my own clubs, shoes, and a great collection of golf balls. I LOVE to GOLF!!! Thanks Dad for teaching me and Thanks Mum for being my golf cart chauffeur!!


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