Friday, March 1, 2013

My Sew-Vivor Disappearing 9-Patch

If you have read my very first post called, "Firsts" you'd know I began a new adventure just before New Years and that is... drum roll please!!!! My first blog!!! So I am adding to that idea of "Firsts" and I am entering into a Sew-vivor competition.

I think I can safely say that I passed the first Sew-vivor test, choosing a quilt to enter. Phew, that was pretty tough to choose just one out of a plethora of  quilts that I have made. Here is the winner!!!

What? I won?!!! REALLY and TRULY!!! I WON!!!? I Can't believe it!!! I'd like to thank... Oh wait, sorry I got carried away. I was just practicing. OK here is my entry project:

The "Disappearing 9-patch" from a tutorial video of Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Pink and Brown Disappearing 9-Patch
I always take photos of the step by step process of each of my quilts. So here is a short walk instead of the scenic route to this quilt.

Fabrics I chose for this quilt

This is the center of the quilt. Hmm not quite big enough. Border time!!! Borders are a great way to accent the focal point of the quilt and to help make your quilt larger.
Pink and Brown are a beautiful together.
 Close up view of the blocks. These look like I did a lot of intense measuring and cutting. If you watch Jenny Doan's Tutorial and you won't believe how simple this really is.

Flannel is the backing fabric of choice because you don't need batting and it is a much wider fabric. Most fabrics are 44" but flannel is 60" and of course it's warm and soft.

To help me with my quilts I always have my quilting kitty, Bremley and my quilt test Ceasar or Min Pin.

Ceasar our Min Pin and my quilt tester.
His favorite is a pillow and blanket.

It's time to add the borders. I love the polka dots, roses and stripes.

Another quilt top completed!!! And another quilt to add to my quilting scrapbook. 

 This quilt was wrapped and given as a Christmas gift for a Secret Santa present. The person I had to do Secret Santa was totally surprised I made this for her. She loves it and so do her animals!!!

 I love quilting and I love that my cat and dog follow me everywhere I go when I am making a quilt. Quilting is my passion my Quilting Kitty and Ceasar the Quilt Tester are my sunshine every day. Love you Bremley Boo and Ceasar Boy!!!

Check out my post "Disappearing 9-Patch" for a more detailed tutorial and another color option for this quick and easy quilt pattern.

Happy Quilting with your feline and canine assistants!!!!