Monday, March 11, 2013

"Snuggle Up" Quilt Pattern

So I was searching on the Internet one day and found this website is called Quiltmaker.
When you click on the above link, you can do two things. One you can click on the pattern icon (button) or you can click in the search box that is found in the upper right hand corner and search for a specific name of a pattern.

This is where I stumbled upon my next quick and easy quilt pattern. Oh my goodness, you won't believe how fun this one is and how amazing it turns out. I tried out this pattern when I was fairly new to quilting so I know it's a perfect quilt for beginners and it's an adorable quilt for those needing something speedy and quick. Watch out it's Spring time, it's the season for baby showers.

Here is the quilt I made using this, "Snuggle Up" quilt pattern from Quiltmaker. In fact, I loved how easy and fun it was I actually used this pattern for two quilts. However, I didn't get pictures of one of the quilts so I only have the music quilt that I made for my sister. The other quilt was for one of my male friends so I used black and white fabrics on his quilt.

My Sister, Marisa, loves music so I found the perfect fabric. It's all music note
fabric and backing is a dark blue solid back.

Here's how to make it.

1. Click on the link "Quiltmaker" above and find the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the website.

2. Type in Snuggle up and hit enter or click on the go button.

3. Click on the words 1. Pattern: Snuggle up" that's how it's worded on the search page of Quiltmaker.

4. It will take you to another page then find the words, Download PDF. Click on that.

5. You must have PDF reader on your computer in order download this pdf pattern.

6. Save this pattern to your computer.
        1. Press the ALT key on your keyboard. A menu should pop up.
        2. Click on the word file and select Save as...
        3. Choose the folder you want this pattern to be saved in
        4. Finally name it Snuggle Up and click save.
7. Print out the pattern and you are ready to start this quick and easy quilt.

This is where your creativity can really shine in choosing your fabrics. This quilt is designed for using just two fabric choices or as many as 10 different fabrics. For my quilt I used three. A pink with red music notes, black with white music notes, and a sheet music print fabric that looks like it's almost grey.

Just don't do what I did and forget to check what rows go where. As you can see some of the same color block line up. So try and mix up your rows so you get a good mishmash of color and design.

The directions are simple and easy to follow so this could even be a perfect project for kids to with the help and watchful eye around the sewing machine of course. Have fingers sewn into the quilt is not one of the steps given in the pattern and blood doesn't exactly go well most fabrics. LOL

I do not have step by step photos of this quilt as this was probably my 6th quilt ever made in my long career of quilting of only 6 months approximately.

But try it, share it, and get creative with it. Check out the Quiltmaker website for more quilt patterns to try.

Bremley in her favorite place
the Linen Closet
Happy Quilting from the Quilting Kitty, Bremley and I

Me, Cambria, golfing with my Dad and
Mum. Mum drives the golf cart
while Dad and I play 9-holes.