Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bandana Quilt

I was walking through Walmart one day and I passed by an end cap that made me come to a halt. AIR BREAKS!!!! "What are these wonderful things?" I thought to myself. 
They were bandanas for $0.99. The first thing that popped into my head was, "A quilt!!! I can make a fast and easy quilt out of these!!! And look, they are only 99 cents!!!" So I grabbed a few, ok eight to be exact. Then I went on my merry way.

A couple of days later I was in Jo-Anne's Fabrics and I knew somewhere they too had bandanas. I found them. They were a little more than Walmart but I got a couple, I was a good girl and only got three.  But then I caved and went back to Walmart and picked up a few more 99 cent bandanas.

I brought my treasures home and pulled out my bandana stash. I opened up one and discovered, to my delight it was a perfect 18" square. Now that is really going to make an easy, fast, large quilt. Let's try it out.

So I designed a very simple 12 block quilt top with my 18" square bandanas. It's perfect for a beginner and fast for those in need of a gift in a hurry.

Bandanas I purchased for 99 cents. They are 18" squares
Reaarange the bandanas how you want. I did 3 across and 4 down, a total of 12 blocks.

I sewed three bandanas into a row. Repeat 3 more times.
Some bandanas are shorter than others by just a tad. Don't worry it won't
make a bit of difference once you put the backing on. 
(Bremley, the quilting kitty, testing the quilt top)

"MMMm I think this will do just fine for me to snuggle under"

This bed is our queen size bed. So you can see it makes a pretty good size quilt.
This is just the quilt top, the backing has not been attached yet.

The quilt back. I purchased about 3yrds of my most favorite
fleece. Hint: Fleece, off the bolt is between 48"-60" wide. Most fabrics are 44" wide)
I sewed the quilt top and backing right sides together and 1/4" seam allowance all away around. I did leave an opening so I can turn the quilt inside out. This technique is called turning the quilt. I'll add the photo of the finished quilt tomorrow.
Ok so I took longer than "tomorrow" to post the pictures of my finished bandana quilt.  I had given it to one of my best friends for a Christmas present and forgot to take pictures of the finished product. I was over at her house babysitting her children and took some photos of her quilt while I was there. Smart, wasn't I?

Completed Bandana Quilt. It's loved by my dear
friend, Beth and gets borrowed by her hubby and 3 boys.
It has really surpassed the quilt loving test!!!! A+

The back of the Bandana Quilt or could be used as the front.
Whichever side Beth decides she wants showing at just that moment of


  1. Absolutely beautiful, I have been looking all over Google trying to figure out how many bandanna's to buy for my quilt. The picture of it on your queen bed let me see how many i need. I also love the idea for a fleece backing making it reversible. Thanks, Great Quilt!

    1. I am so glad my photo was able to help. The idea for the fleece is so you don't have to use batting and to make he quilt reversible. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  2. Did you bind it? How did you "quilt" it? Did you sew an X across each bandana?

  3. This one I had to finish in a hurry so I put a fleece backing on it and used the turn method to finish the quilt. No binding necessary. I didn't do any quilting on this one but sewing an X across each bandana is a great idea. I would, because the bandana's are so thin, put batting inside and then quilt it anyway you desire.

  4. I would suggest you pre-wash your bandana's too. I used one in a quilt and it bled all over. But other than that, what a great idea for a quilt utilitarian quilt.


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