Saturday, January 26, 2013

Your Quilting Rooms or Your Dream Quilting Rooms

Well I don't have any quilts done yet, but don't fret I do have some ideas floating around and fabric picked out for the next project. I just have to sit down and get crackin on it.

So in the mean time I wanted to show you where I do all my quilting with my Quilting Kitty Bremley. Then I'll show you a before and after pictures of reorganizing my quilting room. Come on in to my room of creative happenings!!!!

This room also doubles as a music room. It also use to be a library
with all of my hubby's and I's books. It was a little too crowded. So we moved
the 5-shelved bookcases out into the other spare bedroom.

1. I have a cutting table that is on the left side of the room. That is just a fold up table from Target. I have a table cloth on it so the kitty litter that is underneath the table is hidden from view. Sometimes the smell is not. "HUBBY!!!! The quilting kitty has a full litter box. I'm busy quilting can you clean it? Hehe.  Just kidding. We take turns cleaning Bremley's litter.

2.  I have a sewing table. This is our old kitchen table that we had when we first got married. Actually is was my husband, Jeremy's table when he was still single and living with roommates. My sewing table sits under the window. It's a great place for Bremley, the Quilting Kitty, to sit and watch me as well as watch for birds while I'm quilting.

3. I have two 3-shelf bookcases. They sit on either side of my sewing table. These hold books and some of my fabrics. My rulers also sit atop one of the bookshelves. On the other bookshelf I have an unfinished quilt that I found at an antique shop. (Remind me to tell you the story about that quilt) as well as my Nanna's, from Australia, little glass pitcher. I only met her three times in my life. She passed away a couple of years ago and so this is very special to me.

4. I have a small stool to sit upon at my sewing table that belonged to my Grandpa Brown. He use to sit upon this stool in his workshop or while cooking in the kitchen, or out in the garage tinkering. He passed away a couple of years ago and this was given to me. The piano was my Grandma Brown's and she use to teach me piano on this. These are some pretty special things I have in my quilting room from my grandparents from both sides of my family.

5. The two wall hangings are quilts I have made. The quilt next to my cutting table is my very first quilt that I made back in 2005. It's an Alex Anderson sampler quilt made in Thimbleberries fabric. The small wall hanging above the piano was something I quickly put together from tutorial given by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I needed something to hang above the piano that wasn't so big. This quilt was perfect. It's done in Asian prints. I'll have to post instructions and pics of this quilt. It's another quick and easy pattern. You'll love it!!!

Now it's time for some before and after pictures. Sometimes my quilting room looks like my before pictures while I'm quilting. I'm sure a lot of you quilter's never have your spaces look like this. LOL. My quilting room then looks like the after pics after my projects are done. Bremley, the cat can even use her litter box. lol

Before being organized

Just purchased the bookshelves
Wow what a mess!!!! This is not really how messy my quilt room is when
 I'm working on a quilt. This was just me reorganizing when I got my new
bookshelves and cardboard box lids for my fabrics.  I hope no one gets lost
in here. It looks like a tornado went through this room! Let's just close the door,
Shall we?

Had a brilliant idea on what to do with my fabric.
I cut off some cardboard box lids and wrapped my fabric
around the lids. They fit perfectly on my shelves.

Phew, this looks soooo much better. Organizing makes me feel
stress free. What a GLORIOUS feeling to be able to
see the floor and everything is in their rightful place.

Here are some of my fabric. The little glass pitcher is Nana Sims'
The Dresden Plate quilt is the one I found at the antique shop.
The pattern above the bookcase is called "Crossing Canoes"

My Bernina and the kitchen table that doubles as my sewing table. My husband, Jeremy,
researched and tested out which sewing machine would be the very best.
What an amazing husband I have!!! Look Jeremy I'm getting a lot of use
out of my Bernina.

My cutting table, Rowenta ironing board. What's behind closet door
number 1?

Fabric!!! And closet door number 2? More Fabric!!!

My cutting table, mat, and a rotating tool organizer (My mom bought this for me, I love it)
Shhhh, the kitty litter is under the table. The table cloth is just to hide the whereabouts
of the Quilting Kitty's private bathroom.

Another view of my sewing table.

My Grandma Brown's piano that is now mine.

The other bookshelf holding my little library of quilt books, my quilting
scrapbook that I started as well as my box I take with me to classes to carry
my necessary tools for quilting and a notebook. The blocks on the wall are paper piecing blocks
from the paper piecing class I took. I love paper piecing.

Another view of my piano and bookcase

 Ok you have now seen where I do my quilting. It's  just a little space and certainly not filled with amazing furniture like the Koala quilting studio set up, but it brings me joy and a lot of creativity happens in this room. I would love to hear from you and see some of your quilting spaces. So leave a comment and or pics to share where you do your creative happenins!!!!

You can even share what your dream quilt/craft/scrapbooking spaces would look like if you had all the money in the world. Happy quilting and organizing!!!!