Monday, January 14, 2013

Quillow Madness

Quillows are wonderful things.

 Definition: Noun.  (1) A quilt that is made with a pocket on one side. When the quilt is folded and the pocket turned inside out then the rest of the quilt is tucked inside the pocket it becomes a pillow. (2) A quilt that turns into a pillow=Quillow.

See the following examples of some quillows:



You won't believe how quick and easy these quillows really are. Sure you can go out and by a pattern for making quillows, I did. But I had the idea that quillows should be way more simple than what my pattern was giving me. I pulled out the quillow that someone made for me and I used that as my own pattern and figured out how to make them. So let me make it just as easy for you as it was for me. Here we go!!

Step One: The fabric. You can use any fabric you want but if you want warm and snuggly, go for fleece, anti-pill fleece, or flannel. I went to my favorite fabric store, Joanne's, and found fleece that I absolutely loved. (It was on sale so that was a bonus).

I made two sizes: Small, (for my min pin Ceasar to curl up in)
And Large (for my parents to use at night when it's 4 degrees outside)
Step Two: How much fabric.  For the small quillow you will need 1 yard of fabric for each side of the quilt. For the pocket you will need a 1/2 yard of the same fabrics for both sides of the pocket.
For the large quillow, 2 yards of fabric one for each side. For the pocket: 1/2 yard of each fabric for both sides of the pocket.

Step Three: Sewing the Quillow. If you are using fleece, you need to trim off the rolled edges on all fabrics.  Take the two pieces of fabric and place them right sides together. This means the pretty sides of the fabric face each other. You will need to pin all for sides, especially if you are using fleece. Fleece moves and shifts while sewing. Sew around all four sides with a 1/4" seam allowance (Everything in quilting uses a 1/4" seam allowance) but leave an opening big enough to pull the entire quilt inside out. Now that you have an opening and the entire quilt top is sewn together stick your hands all the way to the corners at the opposite ends and pull through the opening until your quilt is turned inside out. The pretty sides of each fabric should now be seen.

Step Four: The Pocket. Cut the half yard fabrics into 18" squares for the small quillow and 22" square for the large quillow. Pin the two squares right sides together. Before sewing the pocket all the way around you need to plan which way your pocket is going to go on the quilt so you can match the two openings together. Now you can sew. What's the seam allowance again? Yes, a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around except to leave an opening just like you did your quilt.  Now, stick your hands into the opening and grab the corners at the opposite end and pull through the opening. Pretty sides of the fabrics should be showing.

Step Five: Attaching the pocket to the quilt top. You first need to decide what side of your quilt top is your most favorite. Take your pocket and have the same side of your pocket facing up as your favorite side of your quilt top.
You want your pocket to blend in with the fabric. (see pics for the right way to place the pocket and the wrong way).
I should have used the striped side of the pocket
instead of the black side. Wrong way to put
the pocket on the quilt
The pocket is almost invisible. This is the correct
way to attach the pocket to the quilt

Match up the openings while centering the pocket on the quilt top. Once centered on the quilt and the openings are matched up pin down the sides and the openings. You are going to top stitch down both sides of the pocket and the top of the pocket and quilt where the openings are. When you top stitch the openings closed you are going to be stitching through 4 layers of fabric. Do your best. It doesn't have to be perfect. Please, Please, Please make sure you DO NOT stitch the bottom of the pocket. You will no longer have a pocket. So only top stitch 3 sides.

Your Quillow is done!!! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!!


Step Six: Folding the quilt into a pillow. I think it's much easier to show you than to try to explain. There is more than one way to fold a quillow. I found two YouTube videos that will show you how to do it. Try it both ways or you may even have your own way of folding your quillow.
Folding Technique 1
Folding Technique 2
If you need any help please feel free to post a comment or email me at  I can also direct you to YouTube and have you search for tutorials if you get stuck. That's what I do when I need help. Love YouTube.
Happy Quillow Making!!!!

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